Slow  Axis Collimator  & Diode Laser Optics

High Power Optics for Laser Processing

Large Size Cylindrical Lens

355nm UV F-Theta Lens

High Power Fiber Laser Isolator

Aspherical Lens

Industrial Laser


Beam Delivery System (Laser-cutting/welding Head, Galvanometric Scanner, Beam Coupler, Beam Switch, Line Beam Optics, Large Size Cylindrical Lens, Aspherical Lens, F-Theta Lens, etc.)

Diode Laser Optics (Slow Axis Collimator, Mirror, Filter, Waveplate, PBC, Focusing Lens, etc.)

QBH Quartz Block

Fiber Laser Components (High Power Isolator, etc.)

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In many scientific, industrial, medical and commercial laser applications, Hitronics has developed its own strength. Industrial & commercial laser applications generally includes materials processing & lithography with a wide range of uses that includes laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling, laser marking, lithography, optical communications, LiDAR, barcode readers, laser pointers, laser printing, laser scanning and light beam illumination. Laser applications in medicine include lasers used within biomedical instruments, analytical instruments (such as spectroscopy), wafer and mask inspection, metrology, leavers, optical mice, gesture recognition, etc.

Among these many applications, Hitronics is specialized in:

Key Components Of Laser Industry By Hitronics

Processing Head
Galvonometric Scanner
Beam Coupler
Beam Switch
Line Beam Optics
Large Size Cylindrical Lens
Large Size Cylindrical Lens
Large Size Cylindrical Lens
Large Size Cylindrical Lens
Aspherical Lens
Aspherical Lens
355nm F-Theta Lens(3)
355nm F-Theta Lens(4)
Slow Axis Collimator(2)
QBH Quartz Block(2)
High Power Isolator(2)
High Power!(2)
How to produce high power optics(2)
Absorption Measurement(3)
Absorption Measurement(4)
IR Thermal Imager(2)
Surface Roughness(3)
Surface Roughness(4)
Surface Roughness Cont.(2)