How To Manage Your Lens Project Success

June 18 , 2022

PMs Project Management

Usually we will set up a special team to manage your project, this team consists of project manager, project coordinator, sales, purchaser, production planner, quality assurance and controller, technical consultant, etc., Each project member makes its function to realize goals objectively and positively and through the regular project meeting to follow up the project process, solving the problems in the process timely. Project manager who is reposible for monitoring the whole project reaching to the final goals, project coordinator assist PM to coordinate each roles to work as plan in the project, sales is the window of bringing your requirements and communication, purchasers keep the supply chain flexible and scalable, which ensure optimized manufacturing times and costs, prodcution planner track the objectives progress, quality assurance and controller make sure quality documents and traceability strickly as you request and technical consultant provide the tech supports for your project. When there is any unclear, a conference call meeting or face to face visiting meeting for both parties could forward the project to movement.


Skillful Lens Design Experience 

From the first stages of the product development process, we will assess the feasibility of your project while balancing the technical performance of your design and costs. Hironics has a professional optical lens enginners team for providing various application lens design with tailored optical technologies and solutions, such as LiDAR lens, Biomedical lens and numerous precision lens used in special applications.


Fast Prototype And Complete Mass Production Line

Hitronics has a fast manufacturing line for the new product fast prototyping, which save your time to the market. And we have the complete optics production line for 100% components supporting to our lens projects. 

And our workshops with 10000 and 1000 Class Clean Room used for lens assembly and inspection.


Inspection and Reliability Test

How do we judge a finished lens to be acceptable?

Surely, we make full inspection to the lens with advanced metrlogies and build necessary ways to achieve high reliability test.


Cutting-edge Applications In The Market

Hitronics not only focus on the current promissing markets, but also values your prescient ideas. With more than 110 people, our R&D team welcome to hear from you anytime and do our best to convert your thoughts realized.