Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry (FCM) is a method to analyze the characteristics of cells or particles in a flow tank by firing a laser beam at the cells and observing their scattered light and fluorescence. It can analyze tens of thousands of cells at high speed, and can measure multiple parameters from a cell at the same time. With the advantages of high speed, high precision, and good accuracy, it is one of the most advanced cell quantitative analysis technologies.

Main uses: Hemocytometer, Flow Cytometer, Urine Analyzer.

The main components of flow cytometer are light source, liquid flow path, signal detection and transmission and data analysis system.

The flow cells, solid state photomultiplier modules, filters, aspherics and objectives are widely used in all kinds of flow cytometry equipment as the core components of Hitronics. In addition, we provide all basic optical components such as optical splitter prism, optical isolator and cylindrical lens, to offer our customers are all optical solutions out of one hand.