Multi-Pixel Photon Counter

Ultra Sensitive Semiconductor Solid State Photodetector Module

SPM - Solid-state Photodetector Module to retrofit PMT, higher sensitivity and reliability, lower cost.

Ultra Sensitive Semiconductor Solid State Photodetector Module

Silicon photomultiplier tubes (SPM) or more pixels photon counters (MPPC) are solid-state semiconductor chips, through the semiconductor technology, each probe chip integration of tens of thousands of APD avalanche diode unit, can be induced, timing and quantitative low light signal, and the traditional vacuum tube type of photomultiplier tube (PMT), compared with unparalleled price advantage.

Hitronics can package different SPM sensors into modules with low pressure operation, high sensitivity, small size inserts, robustness and excellent linearity and dynamic range. The module is mainly used in the field of biomedical weak light detection, sampling photomultiplier semiconductor technology, its photoelectric gain can reach 106 power, used to replace traditional vacuum tube type photomultiplier PMT, more low driving voltage, higher sensitivity, photoelectric easily embedded in a smaller size, more solid and reliable advantages. Can be used in ranging, lidar, high-energy physics, optical instruments and medical diagnostic equipment (such as flow cytometry analyzer, blood count, digital PCR detector, chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer), food safety detection and other fields.

By integrating the low-light detection capabilities of PMT into compact, reliable and economical solid-state sensors, SPM is the direction of future development and application of very low light level detectors. 


Product Specifications

Parameters Unit  Spec
Min Type Max
Supply Voltage (or custom) V   5  
Supply Current (or custom) mA   100  
Interface - Analog output in custom voltage or current output, gain, temperature and other parameters with digital control via USB.
Spectral Range nm 300 to 950
Effective Sensing Area mm 1x1 3 x 3 6 x 6 and larger
Microcell Size µm 15 25 75
Photon Detection Efficiency %   30  
Dark Count Kcps   380  
Gain -   10^6  
Operating Ambient Temperature 5 to 50
Storage Temperature -20 to 50
Dimension mm 50 x 20 x 30 or Customized



  • Solid-state semiconductor detector with scalability and reliability
  • Flexible configurations and package
  • High sensitivity with selective peak sensitivity
  • Built in temperature compensation, with optional TEC cooling
  • Ultra-compact size, low cost



  • Hemocytometer
  • Flow Cytometry
  • NDA Sequencer
  • PCR
  • Other Spectral Analyzer